This week's Top TEFL blogs

Here's my weekly round up of the best TEFL blogs.

TEFL life
There's a decent article on the i-to-i TEFL Blog titled 5 reasons to TEFL in Buenos Aires. Photo by Try to fly without wings

Euro 2012
There's a funny cartoon on The English Blog about England's chances in the Euros. Have a look at this blog titled Come on England.

There was an interesting article on The Telegraph this week saying that Foreign Languages are going to be compulsory from the age of seven. Worth a read.

There's a decent blog on Freetech4teachers about How to Share Blog Posts you like. It also mentioned about copying other blogs.

Teaching Writing
I quite like this blog on My That's English which speaks about Top Ten writing rules from famous writers. This is useful for teaching your students writing. Maybe get them to guess what they are first.

Have a look at last week's Top TEFL blogs.

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