This week's top TEFL blogs

The time has come yet again for another week of top TEFL blogs.

Those were the days...long distance train journeys.
What time is it? Beer O'clock
Anyone fancy going from Lisbon to Saigon?
I spent 6 days on the Trans-Mongolian and that was enough. If you like long, or massive, train journey's then check out this blog on Art of backpacking about the world's longest continuous train journey challenges. Photo by kyletaylor

Smartphone or sleeping bag?
What would you take travelling? Back in the day, when the real hardcore travellers went to play, there weren't any smartphone or ipads. However, it seems like things have changed a tad. Check out this article on the telegraph titled Gap year travellers choose smart phone over sleeping bag.

Idioms have been springing up
During this month of August, idioms have been springing up during my lessons. It's funny because I always seemed to skip out idioms in the course books, but I'm beginning to realise how important they are for English learners. Here's a decent text on English Speaking with useful idioms exercises.

How do you type up phonetics?
It can be a right pain in the arse to search on word for the phonetic symbols. In fact, I'm not sure they are all on there. Anyway, I found this amazing website where you can type out any symbol and then cut and paste it onto word or your interactive whiteboard. Here it is Type IPA Phonetic symbols.

Advice for new teachers
There's a nifty little article on from Richard Whiteside called 3-things-to-help-new-tefl-teachers. Hmm, I feel another idea for a blog coming on.

Don't forget my book 'Teaching English in a Foreign Land' will be out soon.

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