This week's Top TEFL blog posts

Here's a few TEFL and travel blogs that I found interesting and useful this week.

Orangutans in Borneo
Another great post by Caz on ytravelblog. This one about Hanging with Orangutans in Borneo is worth checking out. Photo by adam_inglis.

Promote Extensive Listening
Get your students hooked on this amazing website and improve their listening skills in the process. Lyrics training is a fab website that allows your students to listen to songs and type in the lyrics at the same time. They can set the level from Beginner to Expert and away they go. I did a couple in class this week and set it for homework; a great way to get them listening to more songs at home.

Pronunciation Quiz
There's a great pronunciation quiz on Random-idea-english.blogspot to practise the IPA Symbols. Excellent for practising the phonemes and symbols with your students, and even to test your knowledge too.

Improve your writing skills
A decent list of websites to help your students improve their writing skills on My English Teacher is worth a look.

Thinking of going to China?
Well you might think again after reading this blog on Ajarn called China the promised land.

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