This week's Top TEFL blogs

Apologies for the lack of blogs during the last week. Had a serious case of man flu and have just got my act together. Here's this week's top TEFL blog posts.

This is Parc Jacques Cartier.
The rapids must be round the corner
Canoeing down rapids in Quebec
One extreme sport activity that is still on my list to do. Check out this article on Art of Backpacking about how Michael Tieso helped his little brother conquer his fears in Parc National de la Jacques Cartier. Photo by ankakay.

Craft with Jack
Check out this excellent blog about making craft projects with your students. It's called Craft with Jack and has loads of fun ideas. My favourite is the Bouncy Halloween Spider.

Mind Maps
This is something I've been doing more recently with my students to help them remember vocabulary. Now they can do their own in lesson or for homework with this excellent link about mind maps on freetech4teachers.

Games in class
One year I went into games overload and everything in my classes was based on games. After 6 months I felt more like a referee than a teacher. So I took a couple of years off games (yeah, a bit extreme, but some of those classes were traumatic), now I'm slowly getting back into them. Check out this article titled How games can be used and misused for motivation.

Conversation questions
Have a look at this article on Alex Case's tefltastic blog about conversation questions.

That's all for this week. Hope it helps.

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