Best ESL Pronunciation websites

Doing the DELTA has really given me an insight into the world of pronunciation. After reading Teaching English PronunciationEnglish Phonetics and Phonology, and more recently Sound Foundations by Adrian Underhill, I've taken a extra interest in integrating phonology and connected speech ideas into my classes. My students are having fun and I'm enjoying seeing the results.

Someone needs some phonemes!
After all this extra reading and researching, I've collected some useful ESL pronunciation websites. Here they are in no particular order.

Minimal Pairs
1) Minimal pairs is a great way for students to recognise and rectify common pronunciation problems. This website, ship or sheep, is blooming excellent. There's a list of about 30 different minimal pairs along with sound and pictures.

2) This is an even more extensive list of minimal pairs of vowels, diphthongs, and consonants. Check out Minimal Pairs for English RP by John Higgins.

ESL Lesson ideas
3) Have a look at this list of 15 easy ways to start using phonemics in adult classes on

4) This superteacher worksheet pdf on long and short vowels is excellent, in colour too.

5) I've used this phonetic word list on Montessorimom quite a bit to get lists of words to practise with students. You can do bingo games, get them to test each other with the pronunciation, dictate, or make up tongue twisters.
The phonetic chart
6) This interactive phonetic chart on the British council website is amazing. It's got an app too so your students can download it and practise their pronunciation while you're writing on the board or doing some photocopying...rather than checking out their facebook.

7) These phonemic chart keyboard and is excellent if you need to type up any symbols for your students, or if you're doing the DELTA.

8) This is a decent article too about how to teaching pronunciation with phonemic symbols, again on teaching English.

9) This useful pdf file on on Diphthongs is great for doing pelmonism tasks, snap (photocopy it twice), or even dominoes.

Connected Speech
10) It's taken me a while to my head round this, but I think I've cracked it. This article about connected speech on helped clarify a few things. As did this one on Miguel Bengoa elt.

Weak forms
11) Have a look at this detailed list of weak form words along with phonetic script on scribd.

I'm sure there are plenty more ESL pronunciation websites and articles out there, so feel free to add to this list. If you haven't seen them already then check out two other popular lists: Best ESL lesson plans websites, and Best ESL lesson plan websites for young learners. Hope that helps.

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