What I miss about being a wandering TEFL teacher...

There's plenty to miss about travelling round the world as a TEFL teacher. Even though I'm settled here in Seville, I tend to get itchy feet now and then. A couple of week's ago, Bex, owner of Leaving Cairo, asked me if I wanted to feature on her weekly League of Expat Writers, so I did. 

Longsheng in China,
a great place to visit for real freedom
I'd been thinking about writing this blog about What I miss about being a wandering Expat for a while so check it out. In the blog I cover meeting great people, the fear of the unknown, freedom, long journeys, and life is like a giant book. Photo by dave_volman.

Bex features a different Expat writer each week and her blog is full of articles about life as an Expat in Greece and other Expat issues. She also featured me in her latest blog The sun doesn't always shine when living abroad.

Is there anyone else out there who is settled as an Expat and misses their days on the road? I certainly do, it would be good if you leave a comment here or on Bex's blog.

I'm coming towards my DELTA exam so I doubt I'll have much time to post over the next week, but once I have my normal life back I have a stream of ideas for blogs, so keep reading. Happy Days are on the way again....


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