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Ho Ho Ho and a Merry Christmas to you all. Just one more week of classes and we're off on our well earned hols. I'm buggering off to England for a week to stock up on mince pies, Quality Street chocolates and plenty of cider (gone off the beer back home). As a little Xmas pressie here is a bunch of blogs to get you through your last week.

Christmas Message
This link on Larry ferlazzo's website to send a chatty Santa has definite possibilities. Have a look at my Christmas message.

Christmas Quiz
Check out this Christmas Quiz on Random idea English. It covers Christmas food and drink, Santa Claus, decorations and the Christmas Story. At the bottom of the blog are a bunch of useful links too.

Christmas Worksheets
For a load of worksheets on Christmas have a look here on Tefltastic. There are some for young learners and adults.

Christmas Ideas and Resources
Have a look at this suitable mound of Christmas Resources on Shelly's Teacher Reboot Camp.

Christmas Crossword
Fancy confusing your students for a bit then show them this Christmas Crossword on The English blog.

Christmas word search and video
Finally, check out this rocking Christmas word search on Ines workshop. There's a Miley Cyrus music video on there too, if that's your kind of thing.

If you missed my two Christmas lessons last week then you can catch them here:
ESL film clips: Santa Claus: The Movie
ESL songs: Coldplay - Christmas Lights

Hope you all have a great Christmas and a decent break away from teaching. Look forward to some more blogging in 2013!

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