This week's Top ESL blogs

We're into the 3rd week of January 2013 already, here's some top ESL articles and blogs that might help or interest you.

Carnival in Rio: Photo by venturist
Carnival Time in Brazil!
One of the best weeks of my trip round the world was experiencing the carnival in Salvador, Bahia. With only a month till carnival 2013, check out this blog on Live Mocha for some Brazilian Music. 

New York Lesson
There's nothing like a bit of New York to gain your students' interest. Check out this video with questions and script on My That's English called Living at top video activity.

Using silent movies in class
There are some great silent movies, along with lesson ideas, on The Teacher James. Have a look at this blog called Silent movies iii new list.

Top English blogs of 2012
There's a smashing list of lesson ideas on My English Teacher called The best of 2012, worth a butcher's.

Conditionals Activities
My first assignment on my DELTA is going to be about conditionals. Fun huh? Check out this blog on Random-idea-English for some inversion in conditionals.

Check out the last top ESL blogs here. If you want to feature your blog in next week's article then just drop me a comment below. 

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