This week's Top ESL blogs

It seems there's a bit of a drought of decent ESL blogs and articles at the moment, but here's a few that you might find handy.

Recession? Does it matter when you're here? Sicily
How to escape the recession 
This is a decent article by Kelly Doscher on Livemocha about how she took off to Sicily and made herself more competitive. Photo by boboviel

How to keep your students talking
There's a pretty good article here on with some tips on keeping a conversation going.

It is / There are
A common problem for quite a few of my younger and beginner students. Have a look at some activities and worksheets on Alex Case's tefltastic site here.

Teaching objects
There's nothing like a new website to engage your students interest. Check out this short article on freetech4teachers titled teaching objects.

Summer School Jobs
Thinking about boosting your income already this summer? Check out this blog on i-to-i about How to apply for a summer school job!

That's all for now.

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