Top ESL Reading classroom activities

Since doing the DELTA and reading tons of ESL books, I’ve been keeping a note of the most useful classroom activities. These are reading classroom activities that I’ve picked up, invented, or got from colleagues. You should be able to apply them to any course book text.

Reading Festival but no books.
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Get them interested tasks
You can make the dullest texts interesting if you can create some interest beforehand.
While reading tasks
The main point here is to make sure they understand what the text is about.
This guy's been analysing for a while.
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Analysis tasks
Here the idea is to analyse the text a bit more and get them to notice grammar or vocabulary patterns.
After reading tasks    

This is to get the students to react to the text.
These are just a few ideas. It would be great if you could add yours below. I'll be adding blogs like this based on Writing, Speaking, Pronunciation, Grammar and Vocabulary classroom activities too.

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