Top TEFL blog posts for 2013!

So it's back to the norm again...sigh. At least we still have a few more days off, well, I do anyway. Here are some top TEFL blogs to get you motivated for 2013.

Something to do in 2013? I wish!
Swimming with Whale Sharks in OZ
How much do you think it costs to swim with whale sharks? Over a grand? Nope, between $375 and $460 in Australia according to this article on Art of Backpacking. Photo by marc elekkel

Teach and Travel in Thailand
It seems like ages ago that I taught in Thailand. I lived in Bangkok for seven months and had a great time. Check out this blog titled Things to do in Bangkok on ytravelblog.

Interactive Quizzes using Youtube
I'm a massive fan of using YouTube in class. I try to use a video or clip with each class a week. If you're keen on using YouTube too then check out this blog on freetech4teachers about using blubbr to create quizzes on youtube.

Quick revision activity for start of term
You can use this at any time of the year, but this might be a decent refresher for higher levels on How to use the present tense to tell about the past on My English Teacher.

Circular Writing for FCE
Here's an interesting way to improving your FCE students writing skills. Check out this blog titled circular writing with an orang utan on The Dogme Diaries.

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