This week's top ESL blogs

Here we go again for some top ESL blogs and articles to inspire your lessons and life as a TEFL teacher.

Fancy a new life in Kenya?
Check out this blog from a friend of mine, Katie Baxter, who gave up her life working for a TEFL website and moved out to Kenya. It's called How I rearranged my life to move to Kenya. Photo by eguidetravel.

PSY Gangnam Style
You have to see this amazing new version of PSY's Gangnam style video. It's a flip book style animation video and I found it on Larry Ferlazzo's blog. It's under Video Gangnam Style. Might be useful to show your students.

How to monitor your TTT
Something that I tend to forget about is my teacher talking time, or at least relevant teacher talking time. Have a look at this blog on Teaching about how to monitor your ttt.

ESL learning games
If you're looking for some cool ESL games to learn English on the Net and mobile devices then check out this blog on My English teacher.

TEFL Adventure Checklist
If you're heading off on a big adventure (no chance for me any more, especially not doing a DELTA), then check out this blog on the with a decent TEFL adventure check list.

Use children's books for adult learners
I remember when I read a kids story about a Prince when I was learning Spanish, I think it's the only book I've ever finished in Spanish. Have a look at this blog about using childrens books with adult language learners.

That's it for this week. Hope that helps.

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