Top ESL Listening Classroom Activities!

Following on from the success of Top ESL Reading Classroom Activities, I’ve finally got some free time from the DELTA to do a blog on listening classroom activities. My 2nd LSA was on Listening so I’ve done a fair bit of reading and research. Here’s a list of ideas for warmers, gist ideas, detail ideas, using your own voice, and activities with the transcript to help your students improve and practise their listening skills. Most can be used with any listening from the course books.

Why would you do that?
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Hot tip - Something that came out of the DELTA input sessions is that we should spend less time on warmers and pre listening tasks and more time on going over why students got questions wrong. I've started doing that now, a very quick warmer or gist question - see below - and then spend more time looking at reasons for why students made their mistakes, looking at the transcript and highlighting problems areas for example synonyms, distractors, and aspects of connected speech that might have caused them to get the wrong answer. If you think about the exam classes, like PET or FCE, they don't get any warmers or gist questions beforehand.
Gist ideas
Detail ideas 
How do you do that?
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Using your own voice
I've started doing this a lot more. Mainly to give students an opportunity to hear my voice more, but also for them to notice my body language. It's also more realistic than listening to a CD and not being able to see the person talking.  Here are a few ideas where you can give students exposure to your own voice.
If only our students were...
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Activities with the transcript
After the DELTA input sessions it's become obvious that the transcript is an extremely useful tool at helping to students to improve their listening. It's vital that they can see the difference between spoken and written form. Here are a few ideas on how you can use the transcript.
That's all for now. Have a look at another blog I did about A fun way to improve your students listening skills. If you have any more tips then just drop a comment below. Next week I'll be posting a blog on tricks for helping FCE and PET students improve their listening.

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