Best Expat blogs about Spain!

After deciding to branch out into the crazy expat world, I've come up with this list of best expat blogs about Spain. They are in no particular order, but just caught my eye as I was browsing the net for blogs about expat life in Spain. If you want to add your blog just leave a comment at the bottom.

Hols in Fuerteventura...Jandia.
Photo by me, just before the tide came in.
The Spain Scoop is well worth a visit for expat information on Madrid, Seville, Bilbao, Santiago and the Balearic islands. The Spain Scoop is written by several expat experts and they cover issues such as travel, food, museums, transport, festivals and entertainment.

My Spain has a great forum based on expat issues in Spain. It's updated regularly and provides information on news, sports, travel, transport, pets, parenting and families, and learning Spanish.

Expat consultant is a blog written by Yolanda Solo who gives advice on jobs in Spain, business, and becoming an expat entrepreneur. She sounds really motivated and you can contact her directly for ideas.

Casa Az is a blog about life in Seville, tapas, food, and blogs about Azahar's fight against cancer.

Spanish Sabores has a mountain of information about Spain, travel, recipes, teaching English, and expat stories.

East of Malaga is a blog about the Costa del Sol, and beyond. Check out Marianne's witty and informative posts about life as an expat east of Malaga.

Sunshine and Siestas is a cool blog about life through the eyes of a Chicago girl, Cat, who lives in Seville. She covers issues on travel, food, teaching, and she has some great photos.

Piccavey is a useful blog. Written by an expat living in Granada who covers issues on travel, tapas, Andalucia, flamenco, and life as an expat.

Christine in Spain is a great blog about expat life, the Basque Country, food, and world travel.

Scribbler in Seville is a fantastic blog about an expat living in Seville. The Scribbler writes about Seville, family, customs and culture, food and drink, fiestas, and plenty more.

A lot of wind is a witty blog about expat life in Spain. Robin, based in Tarifa, writes about travel, expat issues, humour, superstition, and loads more.

Andalucia Explorer, by Rachael, writes about Jaen, Andalucia, cooking, living, tapas and other issues.

Bibsey is well worth checking out. Written by Bibsey's Mum, with an interesting look on life in Southern Spain. She writes about expat life, loads of aspects about parenthood, and Spain.

BCN blog is all about Barcelona. A great blog full of posts about sport, music, festivals, food and drink, exhibitions, hotels and business.

Spain Expat is a website and covers loads of topics. Have a look for a great forum, business, finance, language, legal, lifestyle, moving, working, and technology. An amazing resource and a great way to get in touch with other expats.

As I said at the top, please feel free if you want to leave a link to your blog below. Hope this helps. Cheers.

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