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As I'm branching out into writing about Expat issues I've been doing some research on the best / most useful / interesting Expat blogs and websites. Have a look below for my list and feel free to add any more at the end. If you live in Spain then you might be interested in Best expat blogs about Spain.

Life as an expat by the beach...yes please
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This is a really useful site for making contacts, reading and writing articles about expat issues, and finding blogs by other expats. I use this a lot for networking and also to find out about how other expats are surviving around the world.

This forum has a massive community of expats with over 175,000 members (including me) and is a great resource for any expat. The forums are divided up into countries so you can chat with like minded expats where you live. There is also a country news section so you can find out what's going on in each country.

Telegraph Expat
Can't beat the Telegraph for up to date news, features, advice, education, property with some excellent featured writers.

Expat Exchange
This is another superb way of getting into contact with other expats. There is information on moving overseas, culture shock, living abroad, international jobs, expat finance, expat blogs and overseas property. A great way to meet new expats.

I wonder if there is a website called Expatmen? Maybe I'll start one. In the meantime, for women only (so I haven't looked at the site) try this website for information on countries, interviews, confessions (sounds saucy), stories and articles. They are actually 'on a break', but there's still loads of useful information!

Internations Magazine
A great online magazine with information on expatriation, moving abroad, living abroad, working abroad, culture shock, expat women, and family and relationships.

Expat Expert
This guy has retired, but it's well worth checking his site for some useful youtube videos and also books if you're interested in finding out more about life as an expat.

British Expats
I don't suppose you have to be British to read this website. British Expats is full of tips, articles, news, chat rooms, and discussion forums. Have a look for a decent resource on life as an expat.

Blog Expat
This is a blog portal for expats. Full of information from expats around the world. Includes interviews, expat guides, news and articles.

Contact Expats
Get in contact with expats all over the world with this site. A useful way to meet people, make friends, and see what it's like before you make your decision to move abroad.

That's all for now. I'll try and keep this updated. As I said above just add your site if you want. Thanks.

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