How do you know when you've become an Expat?

There are a shed load of expats around the world. According to Just Landed there were over 200 million in 2010. People are leaving their home country to find a 'better way of life', or at least a sunnier and cheaper one, every day. But how do you know when you've become a real expat? I consider myself an expat now, I probably wouldn't a few years back when I'd only just got to Seville. So what are the signs of being an expat?

Expat life in Spain...
Photo by Rogdavies
I've started writing for Expat blog and here's my first article titled How you know when you've become an expat. Have a look, spread the word, and leave a comment. 

As mentioned in other blogs about Expat Life, I'm starting to branch out into the expat world, not that I'm getting bored or have ran out of ideas for teaching blogs, but I've realised I'm an expat now and there's no going back. So more blogs about expat life will be on the way. Keep reading. Thanks.

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