The best way to get a decent TEFL job

Looking for the best TEFL jobs? Sick of your current boss and desperate for a change? Students driving you up the bloody wall? When I first started teaching English in Ecuador I always used to fantasize about teaching for a plush language school with good working conditions and excellent training (yeah, I know, most people fantasize about winning the lottery or something).

That's where I got my first job in Seville.
It was a rubbish job, but I did meet my wife.
Photo by Alexander Savin
It took me a couple of years to really find the place where I was happy, but it was worth the wait. Check out my latest blog for teflbloggers titled How to get the best TEFL jobs. It covers issues such as training, research, who you know, patience, job boards and not giving up.

Got any tips for getting the best TEFL jobs? Leave a comment below. Cheers.

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