This month's Top Expat blogs

This is the first in the series of Top Expat blogs. Have a look below at some of the best expat blogs, articles and videos over the last month or so.

Why would you want to spend a gap-year in
Thailand? Beats me. Photo by dazjohnson
Most popular destination for gap-year students?
According to this article on the Telegraph Travel the most popular travel destination for gap-year students is.....? Of course, Thailand.

Hilarious video
Check out this youtube video, posted by Marguerite Anne Tremel on ajarn called What kind of Asian are you?. You need a bit of a sense of humour to watch this. Over 5 million views already.

Fancy wine and a river cruise?
Have a look at this blog called Discovering the Douro Valley on Sunshine and Siestas by Cat. The blog covers wine tasting, architecture and river cruises in Portugal.

Seville Blog
This is a great blog about Seville, Spain, and cats. Casa Az is well worth following for some interesting and useful blogs.

London to Mongolia
This video about a Mongol Rally, a road trip from London to Mongolia to raise money for charity, is entertaining.

That's all for this month. As always if you want to add any blogs below then just go ahead. Cheers!

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