What I miss about Thailand...

Last week I was asked by 'Bangkok Phil', runner of Thailand's number one TEFL website Ajarn, to write one of his Great Escape interviews. Questions include 'What was your main reason for leaving?' 'What do you miss about life in Thailand?' and 'Any plans to return to Thailand one day? Have a look at my Great Escape from Thailand.

Thailand in 1969...reminds me of catching the klong taxi
Photo by Sir Hectimere
Ajarn has been going since 1999 and it's a great website to use if you're teaching and living in Thailand. Even if you're thinking of heading out there it's a brilliant resource of information on jobs, guides, forums, and training courses. I used it a lot while I was in Bangkok just to get an idea of what life was like as an expat and build contacts. Highly recommended. Take a look.

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