Do we speak like chickens?

A couple of weeks ago, Lola Ayanbunmi, a focus writer for the Metro, sent me a message on twitter asking if she could interview me. "Why would anyone want to interview me?" was my first thought. "Maybe she wants to interview me about my book" was my second, no such luck. Anyway, Lola called me up on skype to ask me questions about how English learners perceive English.

Can you believe I was served that in China?
It was an interesting interview, especially after recently becoming obsessed with using phonetics in class. For some reason, (I was a bit nervous, no one had ever interviewed me before) when she asked me how students think we speak I said "They say we speak like chickens." Of course they do. We do nothing but cluck on about grammar and vocabulary all day.

Anyway, joking aside, Lola has written a great article titled How does English sound to foreign ears? She covers aspects about how pretty English sounds, the difference between the English and American accent, and also has some great statistics like "750m people speak English as a second language."

How do you think our students perceive the way we speak? Leave a comment below...go on, it won't take a second.

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