Teaching English in Ecuador: What you didn´t know...

Ecuador is a fantastic country to teach English. I was only in Quito for about three months but the way of life and the enthisiastic students made a real impact on me. If you're thinking of heading out to Ecuador then have a look at this blog I've written for i-to-i titled 8 things you didn't know about teaching English in Ecuador. This article gives you a few tips on what to expect while in Ecuador and how you can improve your stay there.

Quito at sunset.
Photo by jmadrigal11 
It wasn't all fun and games in Ecuador though. I had a few problems, mainly because I was out on my own late at night. Have a look at this blog about the Cons of tefling in Ecuador. Ecuador seems to be a popular destination for TEFL teachers at the moment. A few people have written to me asking about visas. The main problem is that the authorities are becoming a lot stricter about who they are giving visas to. So before you go make sure you've done your research.

Anyone looking to go out to Ecuador at the moment? I´d be interested to hear from you if you're living out there now. Drop me a comment below. Thanks.

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