This month's Top TEFL blogs

Another month has passed, joy, which some might say is bad because it's back to school, sigh. Here's a few of the top TEFL blogs I've read recently.

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Went to a useful session with my academy last week about the importance of repetition. I know I could definitely recap a lot more on vocabulary and grammar in my classes to consolidate how much my students learn. Anyway, here's a funny video on English attack about repetition.

Get a job quickly
There's a decent post on the i-to-i tefl-blog about how to get a TEFL job quickly. Well worth a look if you're just starting out and need some ideas on how to get a job.

3rd conditional games
I'm going to try and incorporate more games this year in my classes. Try these on tefltastic about the third conditional. One's on personalisation and the other is a pelmanism game.

EFL Resources
Stuck for resources on how to teach English as a second language? Well, the Guardian Teacher Network has done a very useful post on how to teach English as a foreign language, which has a load of resources on grammar, pronunciation and various other activities.

That word still sends a shiver down my spine. Here's a decent article on ELT notebook with some exam tips for module 1. I've also written a few blogs about my experience doing the DELTA, which you can find here.

That's all for this week. Check out my last Top Expat blogs.

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