Fancy a new or different job teaching English?

Are you looking for a new or different job English teaching? Getting tired in your current role and looking for a new challenge, or are you a newbie who wants their first job teaching? If so then there's an excellent Webinar titled Working Around the World this Wednesday (15th January) at 15.00 on the Cambridge English Teacher website. 

Where do you fancy working?
Photo by nskiander28
Susan Griffith, author of Teaching English Abroad (currently on its 13th edition), will be giving the Webinar. Susan is a travel writer and editor who write books about working abroad. Personally I have found Susan's book a great resource when it comes to finding a job. I bought the edition back in 2003 before I set off teaching English around the world and have used it many times since. With that in mind the Webinar is sure to be useful if you are looking for a job at the moment. 

Susan got in contact with me a couple of weeks ago and asked if she could talk about my teaching career and also my book, which is great news. So thanks Susan, hope the Webinar goes well.

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