New year, new blog: A Novel Spain

The time has come to move on. I still enjoy writing about TEFL and teaching English related topics and will continue to post here about once a week. However, living in Spain for over eight years has greatly influenced my life and, as a writer, my focus has changed. After writing the first draft of a contemporary novel set in Seville I've decided to start a new blog which links in with certain issues.

A Novel Spain - Spain through the eyes of a novelist
A Novel Spain is my way of expressing to the world how I see life over here in Spain. The topics I will cover are: Culture Shock, Travel, Seville, Short Stories, Expat Issues, Flamenco, and Book reviews. I'll be talking about the highs and lows, fun and annoying moments, fictitious and real stories, and perhaps give some advice on the way. 

Here's my first post titled: Introducing 'A Novel Spain' which tells you a bit more about my new blog. Hope you enjoy it.  

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