This month's top ESL posts

Here's my monthly update of the best blogs I've read recently about TEFL.

TEFL in France
Photo by go2bob
Freelance in France?
I've always fancied teaching English in France. Have a look at this post about ELT freelancing in France.

What can we learn?
There's an excellent article on the Guardian Education section about What we can learn from teaching English abroad. Most interesting!

Useful tools for 2014
This is a great post with 5 useful tools for 2014 on A Journey in TEFL. Some are quite technical but sure your students will love them.

Tips for 2014
Here are some useful tips you can give your students for improving their English learning in the new year. The article is on and is called English Learning Tips.

Excellent blogs of 2013
This blog called A bibliography of 13 posts that got me this year is well worth a read. It's a compilation of useful and interesting blogs through the eyes of Tyson Seburn on 4C in ELT.

Motivate yourself
Feeling a bit demoralised after a trip home? Not sure you want to continue in TEFL? Well, read this post on Oxford TEFL about 6-tips-for-re-motivating-yourself.

Technology in the classroom
Check out this blog by Ted on teflnewbie about Technology in the classroom. Some news ideas maybe for the new year.

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