This month's top TEFL blogs

Here's a month's worth of useful TEFL blogs.

Familiar travel image
Photo by alex schwab
Life on the road
Check out these excellent images of madness on the road by Lillie on aroundtheworldl.

Getting a job
Are you looking for a new TEFL job at the moment? Or maybe your first one? Check out this article What you need before you apply for TEFL jobs by Ted on tefl newbie.

How many children in the world can't read or write?
Sometimes I get frustrated with my students because they take education for granted. I tell them they are lucky they can learn another language, some take it on board, others check the time on their mobile phones (which I then confiscate). Anyway, check out this article on ELT experiences which reveals just how many children in the world can't read or write.

Being your own boss
Sounds like a great idea to me, sorry boss. There's an interesting article on tefl-tips which gives you the ins and outs of getting a self-employment visa in various countries.

Managing class behaviour
I'm not a massive fan of fancy ways to control students. I tried all that points and star stuff, but in the end I just use a firm stare and make my students realise why they are in my class. But if you fancy something new with technology then have a look at this post titled managing behaviour in digital age.

Improve students speaking
Alex Case has some excellent ideas for the classroom, and here's another great post by him on tefl tastic. It's called Key word card games and has some great ideas for improving speaking in the class.

That's all for this month. Cheers.

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