A Novel Spain: Football Derbies, the Feria in Sevilla, and Semana Santa

If you live in Spain, or are thinking of moving here then my other blog, a Novel Spain, is worth taking a look at. Here is my monthly blog of the latest posts.

Ole, La Feria in Sevilla.
Photo by MasterCov
I'm not a massive fan of the Spanish Liga, but I do follow what's going on. Here's a blog based on a trip to the mental derby between Sevilla and Betis, the two local clubs here. There are two blogs: Derbies in Spain are Insane, and Derbies in Spain are Insane, part 2.

Seville has two massive festivals in Spring, Semana Santa, and the Feria. I'm more of a Semana Santa fan so check out these blogs titled What I will and won't miss about Semana Santa, and What I won't miss about Semana Santa. Also these two about the Feria: What's so special about the Feria in Sevilla, and What does my head in about the Feria in Sevilla.

Hope you enjoy them.

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