Best place to learn, and teach, English in Sevilla!

Not many English language schools around the world have the class to make their own television advertisement. With the growing economic recession in Spain sometimes it's necessary to appeal to new audiences and create extra publicity to keep the flow of students coming in. That's why I'm proud to work for ELI in Sevilla, we are constantly trying new things to appeal to a wider range of customers. Check out this video titled "No solo los niños aprenden de los padres" "Not only children learn from their parents."

The man responsible for this excellent ad is Colm Farry, a freelance videographer based in Sevilla, have a look at his blog: Colm Farry.

It's a great ad because it shows how the world is changing and that more and more people are depending on English to improve their lives. It also shows that anything is possible if you really put your mind to it. So if you are looking for English classes in Sevilla get in touch now.

Do you own a language school? What are you doing to attract more students in these trying times? Have you got your own TV ad?

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