A Novel Spain: A Better Spain, Winter in Madrid, Surviving Summer in Andalucia and more...

If you live in Spain, or are thinking of moving here, then my other blog, a Novel Spain, is worth taking a look at. Here is my monthly blog of the latest posts.

Santander, it's just a lovely place to go, and maybe live.
Photo by El Coleccionista de instantes
In Search of a Better Spain: Santander is a running series about a trip I did along Northern Spain from Santander to Barcelona. 

If you like reading novels about the Civil War in Spain then check out my book review of Winter in Madrid by C.J. Sansom. It's a fantastic thriller / historical novel that teaches you about what life used to be like after the Civil War.

Having trouble in the heat this summer? I bloody well am. Check out this blog about How to Survive the summer heat in AndalucĂ­a

I won a blog award, I really did. It wasn't an overly official one, but nevertheless an award it was. Check out what I had to do in return though with my own list of Most Versatile Blogs.

That's all for this month. Next month will include posts about comparing life back home as an expat, travelling in Bilbao, a book review of The Return, if I get to finish it, and Best Blogs in Spain.


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