This month's Top TEFL blogs!

Life has been damn busy these last couple of months, but now I have some more time to read blogs about TEFL and travel again, so here's some of the best ones.

Great view of Puerto Rico
Photo by Trish Hartmann
Best views in the world?
If any of you have read my travel book then you'll know that I'm a view man. Lillie also shares my view, get it? View? Okay I'll shut up. Don't let my stupidity sway you from her latest blog about an amazing hotel view in Puerto Rico.

Does Writing about TEFL make you a better teacher?
I think so, after writing about TEFL I believe I have improved as a teacher. But does Alex Case agree? Find out here on his latest blog titled: Does writing about TEFL make you a better teacher?

Do you teach synonyms?
I'm a massive fan of synonyms, not only to help students improve their vocabulary for writing and speaking, but also for providing definitions. For a more detailed analysis of synonyms have a look at this article by Tamara Jones called: The Significance of Synonyms

How to teach imperatives
Check out this excellent lesson on Movie Segments to Assess Grammar Goals called Puss in Boots: Imperatives. There are loads of film clips on this website which are extremely useful for class.

What job should graduates do?
Teaching English of course. Even 'The Telegraph' thinks so. Have a look at this article explaining why TEFL is a good option for graduates.

That's all for this month. Cheers.

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