Songs with Phonetics: Coldplay A Sky Full of Stars

This is my favourite song of summer 2014: Coldplay, A Sky Full of Stars. Below is an activity for your students once they know the phonetic alphabet. If you haven't taught your students phonetics yet, then have a look at ways to teach phonetics.

There are a couple ways you can do this lesson. The main focus is on connected speech and how words join together and sounds disappear.

1- Students listen to the song first and try to fill the gaps. Hopefully they don't get them all.
2- Students match together the possible combinations and write down their answers. Play the song again and make sure they have the correct answers.
3. Then do the questions which follow about connected speech. The answers are after the full lyrics.
4. After some drilling you can play the song again and get them to sing. Good luck with that one though.

Everything is on this word document: Coldplay A Sky full of Stars.

Have Fun!

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