This month's Top TEFL blogs!

It's that time of month again. Here are the top TEFL blog posts I've read over the last month.

Are you burnt out as a TEFL teacher?
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Are you burnt out?
Life as a teacher is hard at times; always at the front of the class, on show, keeping people entertained while teaching them a valuable skill. Have you reached the burnt out stage? Check out this article on the Guardian in response to someone who has taught in Taiwan for 17 years, enough to drive anyone barmy.

ESL made easy
ESL made easy is an excellent website for TEFL teachers with ideas for the classroom, tips on 1 to 1 teaching, news, and lots of useful websites.

Improve your students narrative skills with Tin Tin
Another excellent lesson plan on Movie Segments. This one is based on Tin Tin and concentrates on using cohesive language and linkers to improve students narrative writing skills.

List of useful TEFL websites
There's a great list of excellent websites and tools for ESL learners on My Journey in TEFL by Eva. Some of my favourite sites on there, including Lyrics Training.

Using fillers in conversation
Whenever I first teach new students the use of fillers they tend to think I'm a bit of a nutter. Especially as I model a conversation with a volunteer student. But over time they see the benefits. Check out these activities on My That's English titled Madrid Teacher: Wacky Workouts with a real life useful video using fillers.

That's all for this month. Leave me a comment below if you want your website featured next month.

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