What to expect over the next TEFL term!

So, it's back to work. Whenever I start a new term I always try to remember how much I hated my jobs before I began teaching. I did IT recruitment and Sales for about three years in London before I made that jump to leave England and become a TEFL teacher. 12 years later I still have no regrets. Sure, no one likes coming back to work after a holiday, no matter what job you're in, but it could be a whole lot worse.

Reminds me of my P.E. teacher.
Photo by Michael Karshis
I'm surprised how many people have been following this blog considering how little I've been posting (first year of fatherhood has proved tricky in terms of free time for writing). It's great that Teaching English in a Foreign Land has almost had 300,000 page views and my book has sold over 3,000 copies (as well as over 5,000 free downloads). I guess I must be doing something right. I'd like to thank all my followers, people who leave comments, and those who have read my book. 

The aim of this post is to let you know what I plan to write about over the next term. These are the main areas:

TEFL tips: This will include both quick snappy tips and longer lists to help new or less experienced TEFL teachers. Tips will be on lessons, finding work, keeping your job, getting the most out of your students, and general advice.

DELTA: This has become one of the most popular sections, so I'll definitely be writing more blogs about my DELTA experience. I plan to write detailed posts with tips and advice on each of the modules, as well as uploading my LSA's for Module 2. 

Top TEFL Blogs: This is a compilation of the best TEFL blogs that I've read each month. If you want me to include any of your posts then just leave a comment below.

Phonetics Project : I'm a bit of a phonetics freak in my classes, and at home come to think of it. This project is ongoing and gives tips and advice on how to teach phonetics in class as well as activities, including using songs to practise phonetics.

Those are the main areas I'm going to focus on. For Expat issues and Travel then check out my other blog A Novel Spain, which is about life abroad in Spain.

Thanks again for following and reading. Looking forward to some more blogging.

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