Activities for Christmas 2014!

It's coming up to the end of term again, when TEFL teachers use mounds and mounds of paper to photocopy Christmas wordsearches. Here's a collection of useful websites, and some songs with phonetics by me, to help you get through that last week, so you have a bit of extra time for Christmas shopping online.

Happy Christmas
Photo by pacres
Christmas Lesson Plans
Check out these excellent Christmas based lesson plans on ESL Flow.

Christmas Worksheet
There are some fab Christmas worksheets here on Boggle's World ESL.

Stuff for Kids
Have a look at this massive range of activities for kids on ESL Kid Stuff.

Christmas Songs
For a super range of Christmas songs check out the compilation on Busy Teacher.

Here's a link to a blog I did back in 2012 with a load of Christmas related tasks.

Here's a Christmas song: Cold play - Christmas Lights, and an activity based on a Santa Movie.

Have a good one, see you next year!

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