This month's top TEFL blogs!

Well, that was a crap month for getting time for blogging. November was manic, so apologies to my followers. Here's a list of top blogs for this month.

Not a bad place to TEFL
Photo by slack12
TEFL in South Africa
Always wish I'd made it to teach in Africa. But alas I got stuck in Seville. Craig managed to get out there and by the sounds of it is enjoying teaching naughty, but rewarding kids.

10 Best Websites
Huge fan useful website lists, especially if it cuts down on planning and gives me some new ideas. Check out these 10 websites for English Language Teachers on ELT Experiences.

Getting the best out of student's notebooks
This is one of those areas I've been battling with for the last, say, 12 years. How to get your student's notebooks organised and make the most out of them. The answers are here on Oxford TEFL with 10 ideas on how to use student's notebooks.

Using readers in class?
I am, the kids love it and they improve their vocabulary immensely. Lessons can get a bit dull though, so have a look at this post by Eva for a fun activity with readers in class.

English Teacher X review
By English Teacher X. If you've read any of his books then it's worth having a laugh with his review of Vodkaberg.

That's all for now, next week blog on Christmas Activities.

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