10 New Year TEFL resolutions

Happy New Year to all TEFL teachers out there, even those cowboy ones who hate teaching and just use it as a means to travel. For my first blog this year, here are my New Year TEFL resolutions. Let’s see whether any apply to you. Take them with a pinch of salt, it's been a long Christmas.

Lovely dear.
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  1. I will make the most of my DELTA, and not forget that I busted my arse off for a year or so to become a better teacher.
  2. I will correct student’s pronunciation more, even if I understand them, and especially if I know that they will never pronounce like a native speaker.
  3. I will change students round in their chairs, and not let evil gangs develop in my classroom.
  4. I will blog more about tefl, and try to respond to comments within at least a week.
  5. I will not speak to students in a cockney, Geordie, or American accent in the hope they will improve their range of listening skills (or maybe I will actually).
  6. I will clean my board once a week. I don’t mean rub out the words, but actually clean it, so there isn't a strange blue mist constantly floating around.
  7. I will do more phonetics activities in class, especially considering the amount of time I spent teaching my students the sounds and symbols.
  8. I will play more games with my students, and be patient if it kicks off in the process. 
  9. I will not pretend that I didn’t hear my students swearing at each other instead of taking action.
  10. I will continue to remember that there are many worse jobs than teaching English, and enjoy my life at work.
What about you? Have you got any new resolutions? Have a good one.

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