This month's top ESL blogs!

Thought I'd start the year off with one of my top ESL blogs. This is a compilation of the best blogs I've read this year.

Not a bad sky line: Kuwait City.
Photo by Cajie
Teaching in Kuwait City
Not a bad choice according to Alexis Fletcher on The Teacher Port Blog. Alexis gives a decent account of his experience teaching there, including the pros and cons and some advice for anyone who wants to teach English in Kuwait.

New FCE exam: Essay Writing
In case you didn't know, the FCE exam has changed and now part 1 of the writing is an essay. In other words your students will have to write an essay. Here's some useful worksheet material from Alex Case based on Writing Essays.

Top Articles read on Around the World 'L'
Massive fan of this blog, so I was intrigued to find out what the most popular posts were, and also how many reads they had. Check out Top Read's of the Year for some excellent travel based posts. 

Dip or DELTA?
There's a useful article on Oxford TEFL Blog, which looks at the differences between the Trinity Dip and the Cambridge DELTA. I did the DELTA, but I'll leave you decide.

Why teach TEFL?
If you're considering taking up TEFL then there's a decent post on the i-to-i tefl blog titled 6 reasons to teach abroad before you die. I'd like to add that if you're lucky you can gather a decent collections of pens and pencils that students leave on the floor, and now and then a new pencil case.

That's all for this month. 

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