A Novel Spain: Neighbours from Hell, Weird house mates, Expat Resolutions, and Best blogs about Spain

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Exactly what I keep telling myself, but out loud.
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Why are house mates so weird?
And I'm not talking about house mates that you are married to, that will be a different post, once my wife stops reading what I write. I have had to put up with quite a few nutters over my time in Sevilla though. Check out my two blogs Why are housemates so weird? Part 1, and Part 2

Neighbours from Hell
We've all had one, or more, of these over our lifetime. My experiences with Spanish neighbours have been pretty atrocious though. Check out my two latest blogs titled Neighbours from Hell Part 1, and Part 2

Expat Resolutions
If you read my post on TEFL Resolutions then you might like one based on life as an expat: Reflections on 2014 and some expat resolutions.

Best blogs about Spain and expat life
And finally, here's a link to my monthly blog of the best articles and posts I've read about Spain and expat life. This month includes blogs about Madrid, Homesickness, Top Expat countries and more.

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