This month's Top TEFL blogs...

Thanks to a serious case of man flu, end of term exams and excessive report writing, February turned into an impossible month to blog. But here's some top TEFL blog posts. 

Not a bad view from the classroom
Photo by Jessy Eykendorp
Teach English in Indonesia
Ever thought about teaching TEFL in Indonesia? I know I did a few times while I was out that way. No chance now though. If you are then take a look at this post on TEFL Zone for a decent guide on Teaching English in Indonesia.

I is for Intonation 
Possibly one of the most overlooked aspects of pronunciation that students could benefit from, but what does Scott Thornbury think about it? Have a look at I is for Intonation.

Movies in class
This is a great lesson on Movie Segments from a hilarious film The Internship which highlights the uses of as a matter of fact, and in fact. 

A Cautionary Tale
This is a witty post by English Teacher X about Getting Rich or Dying teaching.

A few useful swear word style expressions
We all know what words everyone learns first when they learn a new language. The ones that you can remember easily and produce at most stages of the day. Check out this post on Fluent in 3 months about 21 Curse words.

Have a great month.

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