This month's top TEFL blogs

March is almost over, shame, shame. So let's finish it off with some decent TEFL blogs.

Photo by Wajahat Mahmood
Teaching in Saudi
Fancy some big bucks while teaching English, or it is a myth? Have a look at this blog on The Teacher Port Blog with a decent insight into TEFL in Saudi Arabia.

Movies in class 
I watched the Truman show in class a month back, great film for getting your students thinking about life. Wish I'd had these activities as a follow up though, check out this Present perfect with Truman lesson.

TEFL myths
TEFL salaries are notoriously pants, unless you work a load of overtime it's not easy to get by and save cash. Check out this blog by Sharon on TEFL tips about TEFL salary myths.

Listening with Oxford University
Fancy practising some authentic listening in class? Then check out this lesson plan based on a tour of Oxford University on ELT Experiences.

How to keep your money safe while on a GAP year
Wish I'd read this before my travels, but not sure all of it would have counted 10 years ago, god that makes me sound like an old fart. Anyway, check out some decent tips about keeping money safe on GAP Year Escape.


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