Essential resources for TEFL in Ecuador

Teaching English as a foreign language in Ecuador can be a daunting task. Here are a few links if you're planning a trip or you're living out there and need some resources.

I might be biased as a writer for their TEFL blog, but i-to-i has a great range of courses.

Go Abroad has many contact's with TEFL course providers and this link has a variety of TEFL programs.

Cactus is a great source for finding a TEFL course. Click here for a course in Quito.

Teach English Worldwide has a huge range of courses in Ecuador and South America. Click here for a decent list.

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ESL base has three courses in Guayaquil, Quito, and Playa Cruz del Sur. Have a butchers here.

If you've got some money to spend and fancy doing a course on one of the Galapagos Islands then have a look at Southern Cross's courses here.

Finding a job
I think the best way to get a TEFL job is to be in the country first. However it's not always possible. Here are a few of links some TEFL jobsites for Ecuador.

The old faithful, I've found 3 jobs in my TEFL career with

Dave's ESL Cafe is more geared up for jobs in Asia, but occasionally you can find jobs in Ecuador, have a look here.

ESL Jobs World has a few voluntary and paid job opportunities, have a look here.

Esl Employment is a decent job site too. (The photo of a jungle sunset in Ecuador is by Rinaldo W.)

Ecuador Travel Websites
TEFL isn't only about work. Living in another country allows you to travel and explore as well. Here are a few useful travel websites about Ecuador.

You have to read what Lonely Planet have to say about Ecuador before you go.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has important information about Ecuador, and this is a very useful site about Ecuador specific information for American citizens.

I've recently discovered that wiki have their new travel guide section. Here's one on Ecuador.

For info on travelling around Ecaudor try Ecuador ExplorerEcuador Travel, and Ecuador Travel Guide.

Ecuador Blogs
If you want to get in touch with other Expats in Ecuador then have a look at Expat Blog. You can even start your own one.

Nancy and Chuck have a decent blog on life in Ecuador. It's called is a useful site with a range of blogs on Ecuador.

Living in Ecuador is a great blog with issues on travel, wildlife, law, politics, and everything you can imagine about life in Ecuador.

Go overseas has a list of blogs on Ecuador too.

(Photo of a waterfall by Rinaldo W.)

So there you go. I hope this Ecuador resource post is helpful. If you have another useful site then why not drop a link on a comment. 

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