This week's top TEFL blog posts

This week has proved another interesting one in the world of TEFL. Here are a few links to the best blogs and articles I've read.


This photo essay on Art of Backpacking by Juno Kim took me back to my time travelling through China. It's based in South China in the Guangxi Province.


If you're thinking of setting off to live in Thailand then this question and answer section on is pretty good.


This post about Monday Morning Inspiration on Vicky Loras's Blog where she plugs an article by Brad Patterson about how teachers are also learners is worth a read.


An article on the expat section of the telegraph about how to calculate your cost of living might interest you if you're wondering which country to go TEFL in.


I found this link about on and in as prepositions useful. Not the most exciting but it might help you while you're teaching.

There you go. Hope they help, a bit random but every little helps I guess.

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