This week's top TEFL blog posts

Here are a couple of blogs that I've found useful and inspiring this week.

This was the winning article on the Transitions Abroad expat experience competition 2011. Paul King wrote this excellent article about living abroad in Thailand and making the plunge. A great read if you're not sure whether to make the TEFL dive or not. (Photo by jay galvin)

An article on the Art of Backpacking by Michael Tieso about visiting the middle of the Earth in Ecuador reminded me of my time living and teaching English in Quito.

If you're into technology then this post on Larry Ferlazzo's edublog about creating online content is pretty good.

One for the classroom. This article about reported speech activities on A Journey in TEFL has some great ideas. I used a few this week with my students to break away from the usual text book explanations of reporting speech.

So there you go. Which one of these did you find the most useful? It seems like this weekly blog has been getting a good response. I'd be interested to know which ones you thought were best and why?

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