This week's top TEFL blog posts

After getting involved in twitter this week I've found there a lot more articles and blogs floating about. Here's my weekly round up of top TEFL blogs.

Uluru rock near Alice Springs

An article about how-to-visit-australia-on-a-two-week-vacation on one of my favourite sites ytravelblog is excellent.

TEFL advice
I've never listened to a podcast before, but this article has several podcasts to listen to. It's on Cactus TEFL, a decent website on TEFL courses and jobs.

A blog by Tom Bennett on TES about how to tackle mobile phones in class provides some good tips.

This article called Top 10 most effective teaching methods by Derek Logan on ESL article is worth a look.

Technology in the class
I stumbled across freetech4teachers by Richard Byrne which is a great website for teachers with almost 20,000 following on facebook. I liked the blog about everything you need to know about wikispaces.

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