This week's top TEFL blog posts

Another week in the world of TEFL and here are my week's top TEFL blogs

Cathedral in Kiev
This blog about 5 authentic ways to experience Ukraine by Brook Schoenman was quite interesting, especially the part about the vodka. (Photo by ezioman)

TEFL Courses
Thinking of going to teach English as a foreign language in Thailand? There's a great article on about news and promotions for TEFL courses in Thailand.

In the classroom
If you're lucky enough to have technology in your class then an article called integrating-video-with-all-four-skills has a useful lesson with a video about the world's most typical person.

This short post has some good quizzes for getting your students to find mistakes. It's on and is called she-really-likes-eat-chinese-food. Hopefully you can spot the mistakes too.

Since it's International Woman's Day, here's a lesson plan on ESL Holiday Lessons by Sean Banville. Check out his blog here.

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