This week's top TEFL blog posts

Top TEFL blogs for this week are as follows:

TEFL courses
An article on about all the latest TEFL course news in Thailand is worth a butchers if you're thinking of going to Thailand. (Photo by moohaha)

In the classroom
These are decent lesson plans on prepositions and Speed Dating on by Kenneth Beare.

An inspirational blog by Ana Cristina on Cristinaskybox about encouraging reading has a great list of resources and activities for reading in the class.

There's a great podcast about good-or-bad-manners on My That's English which could be useful to show your students in class and then get them to interview each other.

And finally, having problems with massive class sizes? Check out this post on Teaching Village about more-than-six-ways-of-dealing-with-large-classes for some great tips.

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