This week's top TEFL blog posts

Another Thursday update of the top TEFL blogs of the week.

Are you a lone traveller or better in a group? Check out this article on the Art of Backpacking by Christine Amorose titled group-travel-for-the-solo-traveler-is-it-worth-it? Personally I loved travelling alone, but the people always made the places.

This blog on TEFL Newbie about whether TEFL is the right choice for you is a decent read by Ted.

On a similar note try this post on the Online i-to-i TEFL blog by Kelly Willis who talks about whether TEFL is suitable as a long term career option. (Photo by $holydevil)

I'm in the process of applying for a DELTA course over here in Seville. Hoping to start this August. I'll be keeping a DELTA Diary while I do the course and in the meantime I'll be adding useful articles and blogs about the DELTA course. Here's my first one on An ELT Notebook about the DELTA. It's titled Doing DELTA one module? Some Exam tips, part one.

This is something I'm keen on stamping out in my classes. Have a look at this article on about dealing with plagiarism.

Check out last week's top TEFL blog posts. Until next week.

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