This week's top TEFL blog posts

Top TEFL blogs is here again. Check out my weekly blog of the best TEFL related blogs and articles.

Fancy going to Cuba? One of the countries I never made it to. Check out this blog called 5 amazing outdoor experiences in Cuba on Gap Year Escape. Photo by Natalie Maynor

There's a decent article on Ajarn about Thailand's TEFL job market. Are things looking grim in Thailand?

Life in the classroom
Fancy a bit of Royalty in the class? Here's a clip of Kate Middleton's First Speech with a gap fill exercise underneath.

This lesson went down pretty well with one of my adult classes this week. It a conversation lesson on Films on The lesson includes brainstorming, a dictation, predicting a description of a film and possible writing a film review.

This useful article about being active in class is worth a read by David Sweetnam on Get into English. It discusses whether just speaking in class is enough to learn English.

Here's Part 4 on Doing DELTA module one on the ELT Notebook.

Hope that helps. Have a look at last week's Top TEFL blogs.

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