Essential Resources for TEFL in Thailand

Thailand is an amazing country to teach English as a foreign language. I worked in Bangkok for seven months and had a great time. Check out my blogs on my TEFL Thailand page. In the meantime here are some essential resources to help you to do a course, get a job, and travel in Thailand.

Check out the courses on i-to-i for internationally recognised combined and online TEFL courses.

GoAbroad has a list of almost 60 TEFL Certificate Course Programs.

Cactus has a list of seven CELTA TEFL courses in Bangkok, Chang Mai, Pattaya and Phuket.

This link by Teach English Worldwide might be titled 'TEFL courses in Peru' but it's for Thailand.

This is a new site for me. TITC The International TEFL Corporation have courses in Phuket.

Have a look at The English Club has a great list of TEFL courses in Thailand. Photo by denniswong.

Finding a job
Best job board in the land for TEFL jobs:

Dave's ESL cafe has an extensive list of jobs in Thailand too.

ESL Employment has a decent section on Asia.

ESL Jobs Thailand has a list of jobs in Thailand. has a section on Thailand.

ESL also has jobs all over Thailand. (Photo by Rev Stan).

Thailand Travel Websites
Thailand is a great place to travel. While I was there I visited the islands in the Gulf, Chang Mai, and surrounding villages in the north. Here are a few websites to help you travel around this marvellous country.

The best website for teachers in Thailand is Ajarn.

If you're a big foodie then check out Thai Cuisine for information about the various dishes throughout Thailand.

The Lonely Planet section on Thailand is a great read with details about travel information, visas, places, weather, and tips and articles.

Definitely check out the Foreign and Commonwealth Office part on Thailand before you go. There has been a lot of trouble in the country over the last few years so you have to be wary.

Discovery Thailand is a great websites. Check it out for information on the beaches, history and culture, night life, sport and activities, and diving and snorkelling.

A good hotel and flight site is Asia travel and virtual tourist has detailed travel information.

Thailand Blogs
Get in contact with other expats in Thailand on Expat Blog.

Drawing Cows in Bruges by Heather, an English Teacher in Bangkok is worth a look.

Thai Blogs is full of blogs about food, festivals, culture, Buddhism, and Thai cinema.

My Thai Village Life in Chiang Rai is an interesting read.

And finally here's a great List of the top 100 Thai Blogs which should keep you busy. (Photo by mksystem)

So what are you waiting for? Get out to Thailand and live the dream. Any questions on living and teaching English in Thailand then let me know.

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