This week's top TEFL blog posts.

Here's a few blogs to make your TEFLing life a bit easier.

TEFL in the summer
Thinking of going to London to teach this summer? It's a great time with the Olympics on in the capital. Have a look at this post on the Art of Backpacking about five-spots-to-enjoy-local-craft-beers. (Photo by eguidetravel)

Life in the classroom
Having problems with discipline? This blog by Marisa Constantinides on TEFL Matters titled Thinking about Discipline has some great tips.

Movie time. Check out this comparatives and superlatives lesson based on Puss in Boots on the Movie Segments website.

An article on the guardian about telling folk tales to inspire teenagers by David Heathfield is useful.

This post by Larry Ferlazzo about National Geographic Kids has a great link to show how you can use excellent descriptions of countries in the class.

So there's my blogs for this week. Have a look at last week's here.

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